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  • Question!!
    Hi everybody I am new member here and i have a question about some cities in Canada! What do you guys think is different or unusual about the following cities Montreal Halifax Edmonton Vancouver Calgary Thanks ...

  • Where do I start?
    in Canada then onto America, maybe Hong Kong too. Definately want to include Canada, Calgary, Edmonton ...

  • To Drive the World.....
    Although still largely in the idea stage, my wife and I have envisioned what we call our "Epic Adventure". Both of us love to travel, and feel most alive in the freedom of adventure. After dreaming up what would make up the ultimate trip for us, we have decided to do a major drive. Beginning in Edmonton ...

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Days Inn Downtown Edmonton
78 %

Days Inn Downtown Edmonton

10041-106th street (Mapa) - Hotel
75 %


10647-81 Avenue Alberta (Mapa) - Hostal