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  • Whitsundays
    Hey, first things first im in sydney and will be here till february time.. and well ill be travelling up to the whitsundays and i was wondering whats the cheapest/quickest way there (there will be 2 of us travelling together) and also does anyone know how easy it is to get a job on one of the islands ...

  • whitsundays!!
    is anyone thinking about going whitsundays on there travels in australia next year one place i wud love to go when over there looks nice to relax!! ...

  • Whitsundays!
    Hey guys, Myself and a friend are going travelling around Australia for a year from July and are hopeing to spend Christmas in the Whitsundays, could anyone give me some advice on relatively cheap places to stay, hostels etc or any advice on spending Christmas here? Thanks, Claire x ...

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