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Tucson Fotos

St Augustine Cathedral, Tucson, Arizona
AZ Sonoran Living Desert Museum

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  • People power
    Actually when I worked at Tucson Internation it happend a lot. It really doesn't harm anything (except the environtment) But if I didn't already know that, I would have been storming the cockpit with eveyone else It is always scary when you don't know what is going on. ...

  • East coast or west coast????
    I grew up out west and moved out east only a few years ago... I definitely prefer the east coast myself. My mother also recently moved to Arizona (close to Tucson)... I've been to visit there and it's a nice place and all, but there's not much going on out there. For me I prefer the pace of the east ...

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Hotel Tucson City Center

Hotel Tucson City Center

475 North Granada Avenue Tucson (Mapa) - Hotel
La Vita House

La Vita House

541-543 E Speedway Blvd (Mapa) - Pensión