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Dalian Discusiones

  • Best Beach in China
    Quoting Wocca 沃伦 I have a Beijing friend that says Xiamen is the best beach in China. The summer holidays are fast approaching. Any recommendations (except Hainan) for beaches? Qingdao and Dalian,Zhuhai have nice beach also ...

  • Cheapest and fun way to do China-Seoul by ferry
    Do I have to go to Beijing to apply for a tourist Visa. Is Korea very strict with tourist Visa applications. DO I NEED BACK AND FORTH tickets??? I just want to buy a one way ticket, coz I plan to go to Japan. Is DALIAN and Tsingtao significantly cheaper than Shanghai. I may need to see a dentsit, before ...

  • where to get Visa for Korea in China
    Aside from Beijing... can people get a Tourist Visa in Tsingtao or Dalian??? Are they very strict? I plan to take the ferry. ...

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  • Chiny - Dalian
    Dziś postanowiliśmy intensywnie pozwiedzać Dalian, tak aby popłynąć wieczornym promem do Yantai (22:30) i być rano w Qingdao. Zaczęliśmy od Dalian Xinghai Square. Całe miasto to jeden wielki plac budowy, również dookoła placu, który jest ogromny budują może z 20 wieżowców. Jeden nawet w kształcie ...
    Posted in Pod Wiatr by Pavoolon83

  • Dalian, China
    in 'down town' Dalian. The store is a VERRY upmarket department store over 10 floors. Had a quick look ...
    Posted in 2013 Sydney to Beijing by greynomadm

  • Dalian, Liaoning Province
    Link provided is showing the sites and wonders of my new location Dalian I'll have a WONDERFUL time, surrounded by culture, dance, night clubs (still not a all-nighter), ballet, orchestra and books!!!! Plus I'll be near the BEACH!!! woo hooo! Truthfully, need I say more? ...
    Posted in Life as a TESOL Teacher by mskaye

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Dalian South Mountain Youth Hostel
79 %

Dalian South Mountain Youth Hostel

No. 114, Mingze Street Zhongshan District (Mapa) - Hostal
DaLian Noah's Ark Golden Beach International

DaLian Noah's Ark Golden Beach International

No.57 West Binhai Road (Mapa) - Hostal
Lian Hui Residential Theme Hotel

Lian Hui Residential Theme Hotel

No.261 Huanghe Road Xi Gang District (Mapa) - Hotel
Dalian Merry International Youth Hostel

Dalian Merry International Youth Hostel

No296, Jiefang Road ZhongShan Distrcit (Mapa) - Hostal
TianTian Youth Hostel

TianTian Youth Hostel

No.235,Huabei Street Shahekou District (Mapa) - Hostal
Dalian Bo Hai Pearl Hotel

Dalian Bo Hai Pearl Hotel

No. 8 Zhongshan District Sheng Li Square (Mapa) - Hostal
Dalian Gap Year Hostel

Dalian Gap Year Hostel

No.132 Fumin Road Shahekou District (Mapa) - Hostal