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Lake Garda Discusiones

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  • Day 5
    were getting close to Lake Garda so we stopped off at a service station to wring out our gloves ...
    Posted in Italy by 'bike '98 by mandpevans

  • Lake Garda...
    So we are in Lake Garda, Italy and it is cooking its so hot. Mainly been taking it easy as we are camping right on the lake. there is snow on top of the mountains but the water is warm enough to swim in. It is crystal clear and you can see the numerous fish in the shallows. I think the lake goes to almost 200 ...
    Posted in Motorcycle Adventure Tour by XJR1300

  • Travel in June--Italy 六月之旅——意大利篇
    hotel just north of lake Garda in the small town Torbole. 我们在托博乐小镇上选了一家经济型酒店,该酒店位于镇上嘎达湖的北部。 We have already been near lake Garda 2 years ago, so we knew this is a nice place. 2年前我们就已经到过嘎达湖附近,所以知道那里是个很不错的地方。 First we took a walk along the lake... 我们先在湖边散步…… Later we let Isabella play ...
    Posted in Our Travels by R and K

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