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Door at Jokhang
Yak Butter
Tibet Chinese Army pins down Tibetians
Chinese soldiers lining up in Lhasa
Two boys in Lhasa
Potala Palace

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Lhasa Discusiones

  • Lhasa Tours
    Depending on how comfortable you are travelling, you may just want to forgo the tour for now and see what you can find when you get to Lhasa. Once there, the major hostels in town all have message boards where you can read/post messages of travellers looking for people to share Landcruisers with ...

  • Hostels in Lhasa
    I would like to stay a cheap dormroom hostel in Lhasa? Somewhere will I will easily meet fellow travellers and arrange a trip to Nepal. Thank-you, p. ...

  • Beijing to Lhasa
    Hi, I am planning to take a train ride from Beijing to Lhasa. Just wondering anyone out there will be taking the same route in March 2008. If you have taken this route previously, I welcome any suggestions or tips you may have. Thanks. ...

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Precio Popularidad
Lhasa Sonam Youth Hostel
84 %

Lhasa Sonam Youth Hostel

11 South De Ji Road (Mapa) - Hostal
Lhasa DongCuo International Youth Hostel
75 %

Lhasa DongCuo International Youth Hostel

No.10 East Beijing Road the opposite of Tow district Government (Mapa) - Hostal
Lhasa International Youth Hostel
66 %

Lhasa International Youth Hostel

No.48 North Duosenge Road (Mapa) - Hostal
Dalan Hostel

Dalan Hostel

No. 172, Middle Beijing Road the opposite of the north gate of Lhasa Hotel (Mapa) - Hostal
The New Dragon Gate Hostel

The New Dragon Gate Hostel

No.26 Ramoche Road, Lhasa,PRC (Mapa) - Hostal