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Bashadi Mosque

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  • Lahore - Amritsar - Lahore
    Hey All, I am planning to do Lahore - Amritsar - Lahore as a weekend trip, so things to ponder are, Visa Issues for Pakistani nationals Accomodation Options To-Do list in Amritsar Anyone..... ??? RoLa ...

  • Wanting to vist Lahore in May
    Travelling solo for a few days in Lahore before moving on. I am wanting to do short day trip to Harappa however its seems that one can only do a booked trip with one is travelling with some one else. Any ideas welcome. Thanks ...

  • London - Delhi - Lahore - London
    Hi Guys, I will be travelling to Pakistan (i.e. Lahore) in March 2008, I want to travel via India. I would like to arive at Delhi Airport and go to Lahore via train. This plan rises a few questions: 1. How safe is it to travel on trian from Delhi to Lahor via Amritsar? 2. How much does it cost me ...

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  • Lahore
    a very relaxing spot to wander around. LAHORE FORT The origin of the fort is obscure, attributed ...
    Posted in Asia Overland 2006-2008 by andyhay

  • Lahore
    With the museum once again shut and the "permit" booze shop closed too, losing my beard and having ...
    Posted in Asia Overland 2006-2008 by andyhay

  • INDIA 2006
    Dear ones start reading on Lahore, Delhi and Rajistan I think we should take a train to Amristar and then bus to Lahure may be even walk cross the border to Pakistan and have Azam to pick us up..????? back in India we should fly to Udaipur and drive up to Delhi what do you thing? [*] ...
    Posted in INDIA 2006 by ARTENEWYOR

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Lahore Backpackers

Lahore Backpackers

Regal Chowk Mall, Rd LHR, Near UBL Bank Above Bank Islami, Amin Blding 65 The Mall (Mapa) - Hostal