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Dachau Discussions

  • Munich for a week!
    Aside from the standard sites (beer halls, etc.) within the city, I might suggest visiting Dachau. It was the first concentration camp and is easy to get to from Munich on a day trip. Depressing? yes. But also very interesting. You can find more information about events, nearby sites, etc. at: http ...

  • Oktoberfest 2009
    Anyone suggest anything that we should make sure we do (either before or after a few steins). Visit Salzburg, Dachau and the Residency. ...

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Dachau Entrées dans le blog

  • Dachau
    On the last day... Ugh it's been a while, I have to remember now. On the last day we went to Dachau. Woke up, then got myself breakfast and lunch from lidl with the girls, while the guys stuffed themselves with buffet brunch at the hostel. Then we waited and got on to a train with the whole of Munich ...
    Posted in Taking the Long Way Home by seaskimmer

  • Dachau and the Windbecks
    Thursday we traveled from Munich to Dachau and took audio tours of the Dachau Concentration Camp memorial and museum. It was a very intense experience and though it would be wrong to say that it was an enjoyable experience, it was very moving and touched us all. We then drove to the small town of Chambach ...
    Posted in JTALKW by bananajam

  • Dachau
    Today we took the trip out to Dachau, Germany's first and longest running concentration camp ...
    Posted in 2013 Bill, Ann & Brenda Europe by BillandAnnhols

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