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  • Transport from Evora to Sevilla?
    with buses from Faro to Seville) The other way, I guess (I'm not sure about this) is to reach to Badajoz ...

  • Best top 5 European Countries to Reside in?
    COUNTRIES: 1- Germany 2- Spain* 3- France 4- Italy 5- Norway I'm spanish, and I can recommend 5 cities of Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Valladolid, Badajoz and Lleida. ...

  • Getting to Lisbon!!
    I once took the train from Seville to Lisbon via Badajoz. I wouldn't recommend it if you are in a hurry. Seville - Madrid - Lisbon would seem the better option. Have you considered hiring a car and driving? You might be able to get a bus all the way down there. Its a long way, but I think Eurolines ...

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Hotel Condedu Badajoz

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