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Enjoying a couple of oranges

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  • Rabat to Chefchaouen!!!
    travel in Rabat moving on to Chefchaouen. I know there is no rail connection between the two cities ...

  • Morocco: Cab costs from Rabat airport to the Medina
    The Riad where we will be staying in Rabat says that it's a 20 minute ride from the airport to the medina and that a cab will cost about $30. This seems high - about the same as a cab in DC, where we live. Is this a reasonable price? Perhaps there's some special tax or something on airport rides ...

  • Mauritania visa
    I am a Bulgarian planing to visit Mauritania in February. Could someone please let me know where I can obtain a visa? Some say I need to go to Casablanca and some say I need to go to Rabat .... Cheers, Patrick ...

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  • Rabat
    I'm in Rabat now. I like this town. It's really hassle-free, people don't bother you. I'll go to the Algerian Embassy tomorrow to see if they give me a Visa. If they do I'll continue to Chefchauen and then from there to Algeria. I don't have much time left, because I'll meet up with my friend Annie in Tunis ...
    Posted in Fabrice Lambert's travel diary by 5fingerfab

  • Rabat
    Rabat, ciudad capital Más moderna que Paddington o King's Cross, la estación de tren de Marrakech es otro puente hacia un tiempo lejano. Intrigada por las revistas de actualidad, me decidí por el ...
    Posted in Relatos de viaje by Zol

  • April 4, 2011
    After some homework that the kids couldn’t rebuke, Jonathan guided the 5 of us for a walking trek of the Rabat Souk. Sights and sounds of the gardens, birds, and even a forest as we walked by royal princess ...
    Posted in Morocco 2011 by OttawaHennaLady

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Dar Elharim 3 rue Porte Maoun Ferrane Znaki Avenue Laalou Ancienne Medina Rabat Ville (Mappa) - Ostello
Royal Hotel Rabat
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Royal Hotel Rabat

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La Felouque

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Texuda Hotel

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Hotel Riad Marlinea

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