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Wanshun Guesthouse

Wanshun Guesthouse

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  • Suzhou,a good memory
    In China,there has been a century-old popular saying praising the city :” just as there is paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth.” The ancient Tongli Water Town ,has been waiting for us to come. Established in the Song Dynasty, Tongli Water Village showcases ...

  • 4 week itinery china
    beijing 5 days Pingyao 1 days Xian 2 days Chengdu 2 days Lhasa 4 days guilin/yangshuo 4 days shanghai 2 days Suzhou 2 days Hangzhou 1-2 days Zhouzhuang/Tongli 1 day Hongkong 4 days ...

  • Things to do around Shanghai???
    water towns near Shanghai are quite nice. these include Zhouzhuang, Zhujiajiao,Wuzhen, and Tongli. ...

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  • Tongli
    Whilst in Shanghai we took the opportunity to have a day trip in Tongli in Jiangsu Province. Tongli is a canal town that is 18 km's from Suzhou. It has a weather beaten charm. It was quite an amazing place with ancient homes and cobblestone roads. Tongli, a water township with delightful scenery ...
    Posted in The Adventures of Tai'an by Bettinamc

  • Day 2
    Today we hopped on a bus to Tongli, which is one of China's many water towns. The bus took a hour and a half and the driver was on a mission, overtaking everything on the road. If someone was in the way he would just honk the horn until they moved. Tongli is a 1000 year old town with lots of water channels ...
    Posted in m&m adventures by mayet

  • Shanghai - Tongli
    and just as importantly I did too. The aim of this ride was to head out to Tongli ...
    Posted in On the Road Again by Ontheroadagain

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