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  • Saly - The French Riviera in Senegal
    in Saly, it' easy to forget you ever left France; everyone speaks French, all signs are in French and almost all businesses are owned by the French. A mere hour south of Dakar, Saly is the ultimate rest ...
    Posted in African Dreams by Kristi D

  • Via Salis 盐路之行
    Today we just took an easy and simple hiking. Via Salis, means the way of the salt. On this mountain, lots of snow still had not melted completely, although now the weather already started getting warmer and warmer. 今天我们前往盐路进行了一次轻松简易的徒步之行,虽然现在的天气渐渐暖和起来,但山上许多白雪还没有完全的融化。 My honey likes ...
    Posted in Our Travels by R and K

  • Dia 27: Pong(un)sali en tu vida
    Ens llevem ben d'hora i no és pels nostres mòbils despertadors, sinó per una veu que parla en laosi ...
    Posted in Llarg viatge by llargviatge

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