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  • Coron Palawan
    Hi, I'm planning to go to Coron, Palawan this May. Would you know any cheap, but decent resorts? If you could provide room rates that would be awesome! Thanks! ...

  • Philippines, Coron to El Nido?
    Hi, I have travelled a fair bit around Asia, and in Sept I have decided to travel around Palawan for about three weeks as the place looks amazing. The only problem is, is that I can't find any info on boats that go between Coron and El Nido!!? Has anybody traveeled there or know much about travel around ...

  • Coronation of The Fifth king of Bhutan
    . On November 8 it will be a programme of games and entertainment including spectators. The Coronation brings ...

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  • Coron
    Coron Town ist die kleine 'Hauptstadt' der Calamania Islands noerdlich von Palawan. Eine 8-stuendige(!) Fahrt im Outrigger bringt uns von El Nido nach Coron. Offensichtlich orientiert sich die Stadt in Sachen Signage an beruehmteren kalifornischen Vorbildern Coron Town liegt gut geschuetzt an einer ...
    Posted in StefanRTW by stefan08

  • Coron
    Just got back from a Holy Week trip to Coron Island in Palawan. This time, I made sure I brought my journal, hoping this trip will unblock my longest running writer's block. Oh well, still nothing came up. My brain got fried under the sun. Hence, all I managed to write was a series of brainfarts ...
    Posted in cuckoo by stitch

  • und sie bewegt sich doch...
    Guesthouse das wir kennen oder in ganz Philippinen . Besser als das ...
    Posted in Alina und Thomas RTW 2011-2013 by T-A Travel

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Dive Link Resort

Dive Link Resort

Uson Island (Mappa) - Albergo
Kaba Kaba

Kaba Kaba

Kaba Kaba, Dipulao, Coron. Brgy 6 (Mappa) - Pensione
Coron Paradise Bed & Breakfast

Coron Paradise Bed & Breakfast

Poblacion 5, Coron Palawan - Pensione