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  • christmas abroad
    North of Montreal, in the Laurentians. Places like Mont Tremblant are hugs resorts with skiing, nightlife, chalets, etc. etc. Or you can rent a chalet anywhere in the region. Lots of stuff online! It's far enough north that you'll most probably get the snow. Maybe too much of it... ...

  • World's best places for fast driving
    You should consider going out on a racetrack. They have them all over the place. Many have race-driving schools that teach you how to drive like the pros. The Circuit Mont-Tremblant north of Montreal has the Jim Russell Driving School --very popular and you get all the open road and speed you'd like in a race ...

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  • Mont-Tremblant
    July 29, 2012 We had a light breakfast this morning and then, you guessed it, off for a bike ride. This time it was off to Mont-Tremblant. It was about 18 miles round trip. We stopped for cappuccino at the Mont-Tremblant village. We remembered a few watering holes that we visited ...
    Posted in Trip North 2012 by Annette-Bob

  • Mont-Tremblant
    Mont-Tremblant this was the fake ski village at the foot of the Mountain not the actual village which is about 10kms away, it was tacky and expensive but it was only a stop off for an hour. We quickly moved on to the Hostel which was situated next to a gorgeous lake. After a arriving we all ditch our ...
    Posted in Timmy Travels by ride165

  • Mont Tremblant!!!!
    Hiriaz nahiko gozatu ondoren ahuntzak bezala mendiaren bila abiatu naiz. Hiru egunetarako kotxe automatiko bat alokatu dut eta Montrealetik ordubetera dagoen parke naturalera joan naiz haize freskoaren bila. Zonaldea Laurentides deitzen da eta Mont Tremblant deituriko mendiko herrixka batetako gazte ...

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2213 Chemin du Village Mont-Tremblant (Mappa) - Ostello
Le Pimbina Spa & Massage

Le Pimbina Spa & Massage

1239 labelle (Mappa) - Pensione