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Discussioni su Macao

  • cheap accommodation in Macao
    Is there? I found cheap places in Hong Kong, not in Macao yet. Or is it possible to camp on the beach in Macao? ...

  • Macao or Hong kong?
    Both are very different but Macao is my favorite. I just love the bakeries and the sweet meats, OMG!!! If you have 4 days you can see the highlights of both. If you have three days and are ambitious, you can too. Macao can be done in one day. ...

  • Sight-seeing, 1 day in Macao
    What are the "must see" and "must eat" in Macao when I have only 1 day and 1 night there? ...

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  • Macao
    fra høyeste punkt, Macao Tower. Raskeste vei ned igjen, strikk selvfølgelig.. ”Why live on the edge when you can jump off?” Et par Macao-$ ut av lomma, på med sela og vips innser man ikke er helt ...
    Posted in Den O store reisedagboken :) by henninkm

  • Macao
    Suite à un samedi soir bien arrosé et une nuit très très courte, nous avons passé la journée de dimanche à Macao. Quatre gars en forme Le paradis des casinos et du jeux en Chine. Certains disent que c'est mieux que Las Vegas mais personnellement, j'ai trouvé que Las Vegas était plus impressionnant ...
    Posted in Les Cheapshots en Chine by nadj

  • Full of luck...
    So, I'm sitting here in a beautiful apartment in Macau reflecting on how lucky I am. Before leav ...
    Posted in Wanderlust Strikes Again by Becky1016

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