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Foto di Devonport

Cradle mountain

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  • Austraila to New Zealnd via Ferry
    There's no such thing as a ferry between Australia and NZ - it doesn't exist. And if it did, it'd cost far more than flying. It's much cheaper to fly to Tasmania than it is to get the ferry (Spirit of Tasmania) from Melbourne to Devonport. ...

  • Hanging out in Auckland
    beach over near Devonport (take the ferry; a neighbourhood worth a short visit in its own right, too ...

  • Travelling to Auckland :)
    The coast to coast walkway is always worth doing, to get a great overview of many of the neighbourhoods of Auckland in a day, including a couple of the prettiest volcanoes. Take a ferry to Devonport, explore that neighbourhood, and head to North Head for great views over the harbour. Explore the many ...

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