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  • Interesting Travellers You've Met
    Renne was pretty weird and pretty interesting, When I met him in a hostel in Rio he'd been travelling for about 2 years, on the shortest shoestring, like 3 euros a day, his clothes were so dirty, he had one shirt that was revolting, he'd given it a name, it absolutely reeked, he told us in Ethiopia ...

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  • The trip to Rennes
    to Rennes At this point, I had been traveling for 12 hours and hadn't slept at all during the night. I ...
    Posted in 2010 French Exchange by PiotrB

  • Rennes, France
    I then continued on my way and caught the train to Rennes, about 2hours west of Paris, where two of my friends Belle and Emily are studying. The weather was sunny and it was about 15degrees, so I was very beautiful. We had a picnic in the park with strawberries, crepes and macaroons. We also went out ...
    Posted in Exchange 2011 by mcarr

  • Wieder in Rennes
    Ich bin nach erneuter ganztägiger Stressreise (mit Saufkopp und Astralkopfschmerz - und massenweise Gepäck - in verschiedenen Zügen) gestern abend wieder in Rennes angekommen. War vorher in der ...
    Posted in So far away... by mefia

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Brit Hotel Le Castel
81 %

Brit Hotel Le Castel

260 rue de Chteaugiron (Mappa) - Albergo
Hotel Les Loges
81 %

Hotel Les Loges

8 rue du Moulin Chantepie (Mappa) - Albergo
Citotel Le Bretagne
81 %

Citotel Le Bretagne

7 bis, Place de la gare (Mappa) - Albergo
Hotel Stars Rennes
77 %

Hotel Stars Rennes

27 Rue du Bignon,ZI Sud Est,Rennes Chantepie (Mappa) - Albergo