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  • Relaxing in Foshan
    to Foshan and had movie night at Villas so the weekend has been very chill . Just what I need . So Friday ...
    Posted in Across the world by SolveigJohnsen

  • Foshan Footwork
    Rain fell lazily, washing away the feeble sunshine and any expectation of a dry Foshan outing. Huddled beneath our shared umbrella, Jake and I dodged haphazard puddles and the weaving paths of poncho ...
    Posted in Roving Duo by rovingduo

  • Foshan, Guangdong!
    Jeg har fått plasseringen min! (Men i Kina kan planer endres fort så man er aldri 100% sikker) Jeg skal nå undervise på Nanhai Guicheng Foreign Language School i Foshan, Guangdong. Det er helt sør i Kina, akuratt hvor vi har ønsket! Det er mange andre fra programmet som blir plassert i samme ...
    Posted in Lotte i Kina by lottem

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Riverside Foshan

Riverside Foshan

46 Jian Hai North Road, Daliang Town Shunde, Foshan (Mappa) - Pensione