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  • Eastern China
    I will be going to Shaoxing and Ningbo in another few days, anyone who has been to these places can recommend some good hostels there? Thanks. ...

  • Hong Kong to Beijing - 2/3 weeks in China??
    What about Tibet? Haha, it is still a mystery to me. Personally I prefer Shaoxing, a rather different city in Zhejiang Province. I am fond of its waterside scenery and distinctive folk custom. ...

  • teaching in China
    How exciting it must be for you. I was teaching English in southern China (Shaoxing) in 2008 and hope to go back next year. The best advice is to visit and join the network of foreign teachers on the site. There are foreign teachers - mostly English teachers - from all around ...

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Shaoxing Luxun Native Place Youth Hostel
81 %

Shaoxing Luxun Native Place Youth Hostel

No.558 South Xinjian Road Yuecheng District (Mappa) - Ostello
Tianmuyi International Youth Hostel

Tianmuyi International Youth Hostel

No.72, Kantou Villa, Qixing Street Xinchang County (Mappa) - Ostello