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Discussioni su Tianjin

  • teaching in tianjin
    Hi, I don't suppose anyone has taught in Tianjin before? Im going there on 29th August for 6 months and not really sure what to expect. Any help/advice would be much appreciated! thanks! ...

  • Tianjin, China
    Hi I will be going to Tianjin for newyears,r snd Im wondering if anyone could answer some of these questions 1. I will be arriving late thursday (31st) but want a night out, so Im wondering if anyone knows of any newyears events/parties or whats the most popular barstreet/bar/clubs are. 2. We're on a budget ...

  • TianJin, China
    I have to go to tianjin for work for 4 or 5 weeks, anyone ever been there? whats it like? ...

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Articoli nei Blog su Tianjin

  • Tianjin
    Forrige helg besøkte vi Tianjin, en by litt utenfor Beijing. Vi tok bullettrain dit, så en tur på normalt to timer tok bare en halvtime. Vi dro med noen av de andre som bor her, så vi ble borte hele helgen. Tianjin var faktisk supert, veldig fin by med litt mer europeisk stil! De hadde til og med little ...
    Posted in Thea og Eirin i Kina by theaeirin

  • Tianjin Beijing Tours Cherry Blossom
    If you want to have a Tianjin Beijing tours , we could offer Tianjin Xingang Port Beijing one way transfer and round transfer. If you do not need Tianjin Xingang Port Beijing transfer, we also offer Beijing tour separately. We recommend Tianjin Xingang Port Beijing round transfer and tours, so ...
    Posted in Shocking Tour Experience by tourbeijing

  • Trip to Tianjin
    I ended up making a last minute decision to go on a trip to Tianjin. Its a city relatively close ...
    Posted in Evan does China by evanmoore

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The Starway Champagne Town Hotel
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The Starway Champagne Town Hotel

No. 82, Yingkou Road He Pin District (Mappa) - Albergo
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Tianjin Cloudy Bay Hostel

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FX Hotel Tianjin

FX Hotel Tianjin

Tianjin East Railway Station North Square, Huaxing (Mappa) - Albergo
Tianjin Gesa International Youth Hostel

Tianjin Gesa International Youth Hostel

No.141 Chongqing Avenue Heping District (Mappa) - Albergo