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Eastern Grey Kangaroos in Kosciuszko NP
Eastern Grey Kangaroo in Kosciuszko NP

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  • Snowboarding/Skiing
    There's Mount Buller in Victoria I know most of my friends and Melbourne Uni Snowboarding used to go to, so I suppose it's quite alright. Alternatively, try Thredbo or Jindabyne, they're much closer to Sydney. ...

  • Skiing in Oz
    I don't know about the "best", as they are all pretty average (this is Australia afterall). One of the most popular is Thredbo in New South Wales. This is about a 6 hour drive from Sydney. There are also ...

  • Skiing in Australia
    You can go from melbourne to a few diferent places. mt bulla, mt hotham. lots of companies offer trips. Or there are places in new south wales, thredbo is poplular, not sure how its spelt, or even where it is exactly. ...

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  • Thredbo, Australia
    Tom's birthday was coming up, and he decided he would like to celebrate it by fufilling a lifelong ambition - learn how to snowboard. We set off to the Snowy Mountains and arrived in the lovely little town of Thredbo, which was situated around the ski slopes. Once again we realised that Australia has been very ...
    Posted in Round the World 2012! by Tess_JM

  • My first real dump
    about 4 hours from Thredbo and we drove straight to the snow that morning of the trip only stopping ...
    Posted in Snowboarding around by johntiller

  • Detour
    Travelling Greyhound, instead of taking flights has an advantage: you do stopovers when you like. The last one brought me to Thredbo, a mountain Village in Australian Alps, from where the footpath to Mt Kosciuszko starts. Unfortunately, it is end of winter here - and in the mountains is like mid of winter - so ...
    Posted in My Walkabout by wedrowycz

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Thredbo YHA

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