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  • i need something new
    hi, my name is guy field im 18 from portsmouth in the united kingdom i was wondering if anyone has advice about going travelling. Going travelling is all i have really thought about this leaving school when i was 16. I have tryed doing most of the things that everyone does when they school, i did ...

  • Anyone been to the D-day beaches?
    Are you going to fly to England first. You could get the train from London to Portsmouth (1 hour). Spend an afternoon at the D-day museum and then sail across on the ferry to Le Havre/Cherbourg and then maybe you can look at the coastline as you approach and try to imagine what your grandad must have been ...

  • 44 Years/335,000 miles
    . Wot if we TPr's in the UK got a pic of it and posted it around, stuck it up around portsmouth etc ...

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  • More Records
    Had a late night because of the owners of the B&B partying. We weren't too impressed, but they see ...
    Posted in England 2013 by Flemings2

  • Portsmouth
    Portsmouth is a really cool place. There is a lovely wharf and heaps of things to do as well. We went on a boat called the warrior. It had really big sails. We got to see where the captain slept and everywhere else. We also went on the ship that Lord Nelson died on. When he died the crew put him in a barrel ...
    Posted in Puks' Europe trip 2014 by thepuks

  • Portsmouth
    We headed over to Portsmouth this morning, planning on doing the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, home to the HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and The Mary Rose. We booked on the first tour of the Victory, so we had a quick look round the Dockyard Apprentice display before heading over to the ship. Victory ...
    Posted in Gezzem by Gezzem

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