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  • Sunny Tuesday in Sesimbra
    On Tuesday, we walked to the bus station that is north of our hotel. Took the nice path by the University that I found my first day in Lisbon. Made it just a few minutes before the bus took off for Sesimbra. map The bus made several stops, and arrived into Sesimbra around 11:15. We checked the time ...
    Posted in The Others ... Were Blank by SurfFromConst

  • Sunny Monday Without Work
    Staying in town on a sunny day is good too. Especially when I misremembered where the bus to Sesimbra left from and went to the bus/metro/train/boat station by the river instead of the bus station north of our hotel. Oh well. It was a good day to stay in town. We got espresso (me) and hot chocolate ...
    Posted in The Others ... Were Blank by SurfFromConst

  • Three More Days in Lisbon, what to do?
    With three days left in Lisbon, I'm trying to think if there's anything in particular I want or should do. I'm not a big shopper, so I don't feel the urge to stock up on things I don't particularly need. I got the kids each something from Portugal. After going to Sesimbra yesterday, and the long wait ...
    Posted in The Others ... Were Blank by SurfFromConst

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