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  • Panama City
    We spent the first night on the mainland of Panama in a small village called Puerto Lindo. We celebrated our arrival in Panama with a proper shower, dinner in a restaurant and some beer and wine. (It was Halloween, but of course we did not notice this at all in this place.) The next morning, we had to get a bus ...
    Posted in A Luxembourger with a backpack by sarahm_lux

  • Cordoba City
    from the side! El Puerto Lindo A very ornate doorway. El Puerto y Yo Me with Perogy cat ...
    Posted in Argentina by hazelrah

  • A Whale of a Time
    with the obligatory dulce de leche that the Argentines scoff religiously), we arrived in the coastal town of Puerto ...
    Posted in blogden by blOgden

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Hotel Puerto lindo

Hotel Puerto lindo

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Hostel Wunderbar

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