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  • Coachella Vs Glastonbury
    Hi Guys, Im a massive festival goer in Oz, but I' now looking to see what over seas has to offer. To me the biggest two on my wish list are Coachella and Glastonbury. Im wondering if anyone on here has been to one or both and has advice for someone who is travelling from overseas. At the moment I ...

  • Bleak week ahead!
    So I've hit the seven days and counting mark and fighting the turmoil of emotions is starting to get hard... My friends all have a wicked summer ahead going to Glastonbury and such, and my Grandparents are upset I'm going and my mum said she might sink into a late mid-life crisis. This isn't cold ...

  • let's smoke some grass
    Thankyou gelli! I was very spoilt by my friends and went to see the Chilli Peppers (supported by James Brown - how cool!) in Hyde Park which was totally amazing! I was especially pleased that we got fantastic sunshine and glastonbury was a mudfest all weekend! I was extremely excited to read about your ...


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The Crown Hotel & Bar
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The Crown Hotel & Bar

4 Market Place Glastonbury (地図) - ユースホステル