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Shanghai Zhujiajiaoの写真

Shanghai Linemen
Old City, Chair Repairman Sleeping, Shanghai
Old City Card Game, Shanghai
Pudong River Skyline, Shanghai
Cultural Revolution Porcelin Figurines 2
Setting the hair in the olden days

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  • Shanghai
    Asked Jiang, our local rep for ideas for our 1 "free" day and we wanted to get out of the city to the real China - rice paddies etc. so he suggested this place Zhujiajiao pronounced "Ju-Ja-Jo" He was busy ...
    Posted in Adventure before Dementia by BerylB

  • Hangzhou, Shaoxing, and Zhujiajiao
    这个星期一我们一起去杭州,邵兴,朱家角。杭州,邵兴,朱家角 都很漂亮。在杭州,我们除茶馆儿。杭州的茶很好喝。杭州有很多商店,还有很多便宜的酒吧。我的朋友住在杭州。他也是MICHIGAN人。他去我们的宾馆。在绍兴,我们散步,坐船。在朱家角,我们买东西 This past Monday we went to Hangzhou, Shaoxing, and Zhujiajiao. They are all very beautiful. We visited ...
    Posted in Shanghai Times by Erik-Amara

  • Shanghai
    , nous quittons Shanghai pour aller au village de Zhujiajiao à environ une heure en autobus. ...
    Posted in Été 2013 by royroyma

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