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  • BA Strikes
    Heathrow, London airport. Ive just heard on the news that BA are taking legal action against thier own staff ... as its estimated to cost BA £30,000,000 A DAY! - ouuuuch! Dont condone strikes ...

  • Anyone been on a BA Boeing 747?!
    I have been on a BA 747 but it was business class (thats the seat you wanna go for!) so cant help just as much but there is a great website SEAT GURU which should give you an unbias break down where to sit! Enjoy your trip! Heather ...

  • BA cancels all flights at Heathrow... 20,000 passangers stranded ....Has this affected anyone personally?? ...


  • BA
    and talked about good places to go in BA. BA is very different to australia, brisbane, its really old ...
    Posted in Argentina bound! by jess.moxon

  • BA
    3.12.10 - 8.12.10 BA I got into BA from Salta and tried to find a ticket for the bus but decided it was too hard with all my shit. I went to my hostel and checked in and went to a travel agent but they could not help me so I headed back to the bus station and grabbed a ticket with a cheap company ...
    Posted in Private by becksl19

  • Ba
    uahkdakjsdh Dale and mom at the beach ...
    Posted in To Infinity and Beyond by kitkilbourn

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