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rainbow over the fall
Day 30 - Niagara Falls, Bottom
Day 30 - Niagara Falls, Squirrel
Day 30 - Niagara Falls Overlook
Day 30 - Ft Niagara, Door Detail
Day 30 - Ft Niagara, Lake Onterio Boats

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    Quoting Buffalo Hello again Nici how on earth have you not heard of go4less???? Maybe it's a Dublin thing!! They're 100% reliable and are used most otfen by students and people under d age away, they'll look after u, but be warned their offices in Dublin are always jammed at this time ...

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  • Buffalo
    Continuing on from Boston during the time I couldn't make it to Chicago I went to Buffalo. The town is soo quiet I hardly saw anyone there when I was there. The streets are totally deserted and the whole place is bathed in silence. I am sure there are people that live there though, there has to be! I ...
    Posted in North America by chrisbonny

  • Day 12-14 - Koh Tao/Samui
    were taking, but we didnt care. From there, we saw that a buffalo fighting stadium was near by so we went to check it out and boy did we make the right decision. We had no idea what buffalo fighting would entail but sure enough, two buffalo rammed at each other, smashed their heads together and started ...
    Posted in Thailand 2012 by rli01

  • Sunday 17th December 2006
    then boarded our flight to Buffalo and arrived in the town just on dusk. The hostel was really friendly and were so helpful and full of information, but being a sunday in down town Buffalo we were a little light ...
    Posted in Katie & Kylie's Travels by kyliesyme

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Hostel Buffalo Niagara
86 %

Hostel Buffalo Niagara

667 Main Street (地図) - ユースホステル
80 %


48 Freeman Rd. Williamsville, (地図) - ホテル