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  • Dark tourism
    Quoting ella13 i have heard of people paying a few hundred dollars for the opportunity to throw grenades and use guns in Cambodia - there is meant to be a place where you order off a 'menu' of different weapons... thats seems pretty macabre to me. Yes, u pay for target in Battambang ...

  • Bomb blasts kill 50+ in New Delhi;India
    Thanks, Ella 9. Bangladesh - 110 explosions in 50 cities 10.Bulgaria 11.Thailand 12.Lebanon 13.Madrid, Spain 14.Somalia 15.Georgia 16.University of Oklahoma, USA 17.Trinidad and Tobago 18.Russia I took this from my personal blog... Else? Looking at the list is letting me uneasy ...why? ...

  • travelling toys...
    Ella - if either of them show up on my doorstep, I'll be sure to let you know they are safe and sound and headed off to a new destination!! ...

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