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Santa Cruz de Tenerife Discussies

  • You're longest Journey from A-B
    I once did a trip from Trinidad in Eastern Bolivia to Duabi. Took a life time, but the point was to get from one place to another. Anyone else done any horific long journeys? Trinidad-Santa Cruz de boliva - Bus 12 hours 5 hour wait at the airport Santa Cruz de Bolivia - La Pax - Flight one hour 4 ...

  • I need your help- to find my destination!
    Central America! Guatamala and Honduras a great experience. You arrive in Tegucigalpa, go to Santa Cruz de Sul, then head t othe Islands (Utila cheapest by far) easy and cheap to get around, great people, learn to dive, stay in a really cheap place on the beach... Honduras everytime! ...

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Calle Castillo 6 (Kaart) - Gasthuis
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Hotel Horizonte

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