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  • Day 81, Apeldoorn
    So today was the day. We were finally in Apeldoorn to meet a schwack of family. After eating ...
    Posted in shane and alyssa's travels by s-a

  • Day 82, Apeldoorn
    Our first task of the day was to visit my Opa’s sister, Tante Ali. She and her friend, my Tante Tini live in Apeldoorn, so we decided to pay them a visit. We asked the guy at the front desk if we ...
    Posted in shane and alyssa's travels by s-a

  • Netherlands
    The Netherlands I heard many things of this place and I want to go see if the stories are true. The one place I would like to go an visit is the apeldoorn the winds are so strong over there and the autums are red and its a pretty big city the winters are cold but I guess I can deal with that. I want ...
    Posted in My Euro Trip by bryanstane3512

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