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  • Travel books to change your life??
    I don't know about life-changing, but these books are pretty engaging: The Beach - Alex Garland American Gods - Neil Gaiman (actually, most of his works are great) Anything by Haruki Murakami The Art of Murder - Jose Carlos Somoza Out - Natsuo Kirino The Dumas Club, The Flanders Panel ...

  • What to read on the plane?
    I usually doze on the plane, but if you want to read something, I'd recommend books by Haruki Murakami. I love his stuff, quirky and non-conventional. All his novels are recommended. I'd also recommend Neil Gaiman's works, they're great. Again, his novels and comics are all good reading material. Other ...

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  • Gaiman
    After the visit to Puerto Madryn our spirits could only be lifted. Upon entering Gaiman we noticed the change immediately. A green, charismatic, and flavoursome town. Established by Welsh settlers ...
    Posted in Viva La... by Viva La

  • Welsh cream tea in Gaiman
    Gaiman is a town in Patagonia where the Welsh settled, and cream tea can still be enjoyed here. We even managed to bump into a bonefide Welsh man (a farmer called Mike) and persuaded him to partake in cakes and tea at Plas y Coed with us, to make the experience all the more authentic! Not even the 3 ...
    Posted in Have backpacks will travel.... by bruntonal

  • Puerto Madryn
    in Cordoba. She will accompany us to Puerto Madryn, Trelew and Gaiman after then parting ways in Trelew ...
    Posted in Viva La... by Viva La

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