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  • embassy visit
    A well-traveled passport shouldn't cause you any problems here. As long as it's not falling apart, as Twinkle said, nor looks as though it has been tampered with, you should have no problems. If yours is machine readable, the bar code should be visible and intact - same for your ID portion (photo, etc ...

  • Muggings?
    I think that has happened all over in the past few years..I think it is the new form of 'getting a girl drunk to take advantage of her', just common sense type stuff...When I am in a new place I ask for bottled drinks and ask the waiter to bring it to me UNopened..that way you can be sure no one has tampered ...

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  • 23rd June 2011
    We used an alarm this morning so we didn't sleep in too late. We felt a little indulgent so we had scrambled eggs and mushrooms for breakfast, which was fantastic, then continued our drive to Tampere. 3 hours later we arrived and found a car park close to town. After having lunch we decided to explore ...
    Posted in Kim and Danny 2011 by kimdanny

  • Tampere Day
    .. But it;s amazing... Anyway this weekend it was Tampere Day (don't ask me why it's called Day when it is actually the whole weekend... I have asked myself the same question). But anyway, it is Tampere's birthday ...
    Posted in Viv In Finland by vWildeboer

  • A Summer Place in Tampere
    Other than attend Hanna & Dave's wedding we have explored some of Tampere, we were lucky to be treated to a city bus tour by Hanna & Dave yesterday while they had photos it was a great way to see ...
    Posted in CarCar's on the Road . . . . . Again! by ChristieA

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