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  • Strasbourg
    City of Strasbourg is located near German's city, Offenburg. It is around one hour by Badden Wuttemburg (BW) train from Freiburg. This city is quite bigger as it is already more than 2000 years old. When you start the journey from Freiburg, German, you can go to offenburg and buy the train ticket ...
    Posted in Super Beton blogs by indarto

  • Lighting up the Christmas Spirit
    to Offenburg. , , , , , , Passing through immigration was amusing. The officer looked at my passport ...
    Posted in Weaving Around the World by worldweave

  • Ortenburg
    We picked up the hire car from Stuttgart airport and headed off to Ortenburg via Offenburg on the Autobahn. After a few wrong turns (thanks to the wrong advice from the Avis lady) we were back on the Autobahn heading to Karleruhe. Michael was doing 130 in the slow lane and we were being overtaken by Audi ...
    Posted in Mikey & Mich's Scenic Adventure by mikey-mich

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