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Khiva bilder

Local woman, Khiva
City wall, Khiva
Walled City of Khiva

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  • Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Train Travel
    Hi, Don't know about the train schedual and I assume you probably already are planning to get outside of Tashkent but wanted to make sure and mention that Tashkent is basically a city while Samarakand and Bhukara are fascinating places. Khiva is also interesting but a bit further from Tashkent. I really ...

  • Travel in Uzbekistan
    I was there in December of 1997 and loved it! Didn't like Tashkent (too modern and Soviet), but Samarakand, Khiva, and Bukhara were very exotic and interesting. Bukhara was my favorite! The people, the architecture, everything was very memorable there. The US State Dept. just issued a warning yesterday warning ...

  • Central Asia
    . Khiva was pretty cool (real Central Asian look). Didn't really like Tashkent (too modern with boring Soviet buildings). I also went some other places in Uzbekistan, and into Turkmenistan to Khiva Urgench ...

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