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Nanjing diskusjoner

  • Shanghai & Nanjing
    to Nanjing or even yellow mountain? i would like to visit any traditional little towns, areas of scenic ...

  • Why not come to Nanjing,China
    Nanjing is a great city, if you plan to come ,I can help you arrange a lot of things. I'm a postgraduate in Nanjing. I like touring and meeting new people. So if you are interested, my email is open for you. ...

  • Is Nanjing worth visiting?
    I am visiting Shanghai in September and am looking for some side trips I can do from there. I already have a few places in mind, but was wondering if Nanjing is worth visiting, and if so would it make sense to go just for a day or 2? How long does it take to get there from Shanghai by train/bus? ...

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Nanjing blogginnlegg

  • Day 7
    After a nice breakfast of grilled bacon and cheese we headed off to the public bus stop for the Purple mountain (Zijin Mountain). This is a national park just outside of Nanjing. We spent all day here just wondering around enjoying the peace and quiet. I think we walk non stop for about 5 hours ...
    Posted in m&m adventures by mayet

  • Nanjing
    From Xi'an we took a 1.5 hour flight over to Nanjing, another one of the old capitals. China has ...
    Posted in Jamie and Lucy Hate Apples by ilikeapples

  • Nanjing
    Det är nu drygt två veckor sedan jag kom till Nanjing. Tåget från Xi'an var lika obekvämt som det från Beijing; enda skillnaden var att resan från Xi'an var mycket längre. I Nanjing var det Miami-hetta som slog emot mig på stationen när jag klev av tåget med stapplande steg. Ännu en gång fick jag ...
    Posted in Nanjing 2007 by Adde

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Pris Populæritet
Nanjing Fuzimiao International Hostel
83 %

Nanjing Fuzimiao International Hostel

Fuzimiao, No.68 Ping Jiang Fu Road (Kart) - Vandrerhjem
Travelers' Soul Inn Nanjing
79 %

Travelers' Soul Inn Nanjing

B5, Chengguan Science and Creativity Park (Kart) - Vandrerhjem
Nanjing Time Youth Hostel
79 %

Nanjing Time Youth Hostel

NO.6 MeiYuan New Village Yongyuan of Xuanwu Area (Kart) - Vandrerhjem
Sunflower International Youth Hostel
78 %

Sunflower International Youth Hostel

No.142 Dashiba Street Fu Zi Miao (Kart) - Vandrerhjem
Nanjing Jasmine International Youth Hostel
76 %

Nanjing Jasmine International Youth Hostel

HeQun Xin Chun #7, Shanghai Rd (Kart) - Vandrerhjem