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  • Travel preparation: Equipment
    The advice given by the One Bag website states that "there are two kinds of luggage: carry on an ...
    Posted in kNOwMAD by knowmad

  • General Information
    Form of Government: republic with one legislative house. Head of State: President Álvaro Colom Caballeros (since 14 January 2008): Vice President Rafael Espada Independence: 15 September 1821 (from Spain) National holiday: Independence Day, 15 September (1821) Official Name: Republic of Guatemala. Short form ...
    Posted in Guatemala by DeMiZe_Zeus

  • Toledo
    Waking up on time I was able to get out at a decent time, reach the metro station and head towards the Estación Sur from where I could catch the bus to Toledo. The only problem was the unexpected closure of the Metro station where I had to get off, Mendez Álvaro. Being able to stop a station before was the best I ...
    Posted in Viaggi: Europa e Marocco, Estate 2007. by atrabuccoc

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Hotel Kothi-Rao

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