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Borneo Conversações

  • Were you in Borneo 1978-79?
    Were you in Kumei or Pankalumbun (sp?) in borneo 30 years ago? Do you know a Tony Tapp? ...

  • Buying a Digital Camera in Vietnam
    Hi, At the moment we are in Borneo and our camera has snuffed it, so just wondering if we are better to buy one here (approx 120GBP) or will it be cheaper in Ho Chi Minh City where we will be tomorrow? Thanks ...

  • Please identify this place.
    The picture was taken on Mabul Island, Borneo and it's the Sipadan Water Village Resort . Hope that helps! ...

Borneo Blog Entries

    Hey! After we got our PADI's on Phi Phi, we decided to head over to Mabul, one of the islands off the coast of Borneo (beside Sipidan). Sadly though, we didn't get to go to Sipidan because of their impossible permits. But, we did dive 56 times (all together), did a night dive, all in 5 days around ...
    Posted in Wish You Were Here! by megan prawdzik

  • Kota Kinabalu
    On arrival in Kota Kinabalu,(north Borneo),we headed out of the airport and got a taxi into the centre.Malaysian Borneo is made up of two states,Sabah and Sarawak,north and south.It also has one ...
    Posted in My Way Round by kevo1

  • Part 11
    Although Malaysian Borneo is a part of Malaysia; Sarawak and Saba provinces have autonomy ...
    Posted in Where Is Simon Young? by SimonYoung

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Maratua Paradise Resort

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