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  • Travel magazines/publications
    1. Travel + Leisure 2. Caribbean Travel & Life (They do cover parts of Mexico, CA and SA) 3.Conde Nast Traveler 4. Magical Blend 5. Budget Travel 6. Outdoor Life 7. 21st Century Adventures 8. Blue Magazine (No, not that kind of "blue". Hehe) 9. Destination Elsewhere (Online E-zine) 10. Far & Near 11 ...

  • Wikipedia´s take on backpackers
    On a slightly related note: I read an article in the local paper today (I think it was originally from the London Times) that said more and more "older people" were opting to stay in hostels while travelling. And what example do they use to prove their point? A 30-year-old. Hmph!!! ...

  • Around the world - First timer - Questions
    , considering I'll be travelling on a budget, how long do you think I will be able to travel for? how many ...

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Quinta das Alfaias

Quinta das Alfaias

Rua de Trás no 220 - Fajozes - 4485-089, Vila do C (Mapa) - Residencial
Quinta So Miguel de Arcos

Quinta So Miguel de Arcos

Rua da Igreja, 209. Arcos Villa do Conde (Mapa) - Residencial