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Pisac Blog Entries

  • Day 2
    So Joey and I decided to do some exploring today. We somehow managed to get to a town 45 minutes away, Pisac, and back with very few problems. We left the hostel this morning with only vague directions from Coco (The hostel owner) of where to take a minibus (van) to Pisac. We couldn't find it so we ...
    Posted in Peruvian Sunrise by Charlotte23

  • Taray
    of Pisac. Pisac is known for their great ruins and mainly for their amazing market shopping. Ah, shopping ...
    Posted in Verano en Peru by Kristinh

  • Pisac
    Visited the town Pisac today, about 45 mins from Cusco. Myself, Clare and Kelly caught the local bus - only S2 (approx, 70 cents). Got off at the non-touristy side of town. As we walked up toward ...
    Posted in Susie's Travel Blog by lillipilly

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Andenes Pisaq Lodging House

Andenes Pisaq Lodging House

Calle Arequipa 286 (Mapa) - Residencial
Hospedaje Chaska Pisac

Hospedaje Chaska Pisac

Avda. Amazonas s/n (Mapa) - Residencial
Melissa Wasi Guesthouse

Melissa Wasi Guesthouse

Sector Matara, s/n (going to the ruins road) (Mapa) - Residencial