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New Taipei City Conversações

  • City with good transportation system
    Hello, all Just want to talk about cities with good transportation systems! For example, I am from Asia, and I think some Asian cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo , and Taipei have convenient transportation system. They have complete routes (include bus & metro or subway)so passengers can reach where ...

  • Best Place for New Years Eve
    Hi Everyone, can't decide if or where to go for New Years. Where would you guys go Trine ...

  • please stop labelling cities as "New York wannabes"
    Time after time people will critisize cities for being "New York city wannabes" saying things like, "if you wanna see a city desperately trying to be like New York then visit".... or "theres nothing special about this city its just another New York wannabe" and quite frankly its a load of rubish. Cities ...

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No1 Qian-Shui Wan St, no12-10 floor 5 New Taipei City (Mapa) - Apartamento
Thomas Homestay Tamsui

Thomas Homestay Tamsui

3F,No.197, Zhong-zheng Rd., Tamsui Dist (Mapa) - Residencial
J Hostel

J Hostel

7F.-1, No.1, Ln. 6, Fude N. Rd. Sanchong Dist (Mapa) - Residencial
Time to Travel Hostel

Time to Travel Hostel

No.45, Aly. 31, Ln. 581, Yuanshan Road Zhonghe District (Mapa) - Albergue