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Ilha do Mel Conversações

  • What to do?
    Hi all, Reading through these forums I have gained alot of enthusiasm to go travelling, but like so many people new to it - the thought of doing it alone is daunting to say the least. I'll try ...

  • Doing nothing
    Often when I am traveling, and sitting around, doing nothing at all, I meet the most interesting people. If there was a prize for the most interesting one of all, the one I met on Sunday, in Hamburg ...

  • What the hell, do they think they are doing??
    Hello U know when u are travelling, and u meet another traveller, who is doing, or did something and u wonder "what the hell does s/he think s/he is doing?". What things have u seen people doing ...

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Preço Popularidade
Hostel Encantadas Ecologic
89 %

Hostel Encantadas Ecologic

Praia das Encantadas, s/n (Mapa) - Albergue
Hostel Marimar
87 %

Hostel Marimar

Praia das Encantadas s/n CEP 83203-970 (Mapa) - Albergue
Hostel Pousada do Ade

Hostel Pousada do Ade

Praia Encantadas (Mapa) - Albergue
Pousada Brasil Tropical

Pousada Brasil Tropical

Ilha do Mel Praia das Encantadas (Mapa) - Residencial