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Lugo Blog Entries

  • Lucus Augusti
    Lugo, once a Roman city, where Rua Nova is still the street on a line between here and the next Roman city, now A Corunna. The inner area is still ringed with a stunning complete wall, mostly of stacked schist , elegantly rounded towers and arched portals. Inside, floors can suddenly reveal a window ...
    Posted in Woylie by woylie

  • guitiriz to barreiros (via lugo + mondonedo)
    did! fiddled around doing that for a bit, then onto the road. headed to lugo to check out the roman ...
    Posted in our motorhome adventure by spiderface

  • It's On.
    There's a fella. His name is Jason Lande. There's a girl. Her name is Tracey Lugo. At 9:30pm on Saturday, July 7 2012, Jason asked Tracey to marry him. She said "yes." And so, it's on. The adventures of our life together. Hang on, this is gonna be a fun one. ...
    Posted in Tracey & Jason - Love and Adventure by jtlande

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Roots&Boots Lugo

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