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  • Happy New Year 2006 To All
    It is 2:37 pm on the 31st here....I will probably be asleep by HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!! Here's hoping this year brings us all more joy than heartache, and more love than anger, more peace than upset...oh hell, Let's just have a bloody great 2006!!!! :* ...

  • Whaling (travel related, I promise)
    I agree with James,I think it could stop some people but not everybody. I think its disgraceful & unhumane but sad as it is, with issues like this it can be out of sight out of mind. I personally would be angered by reading something like that & if I were booking a holiday today would not go to Iceland ...

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Ethic Etapes Lac de Maine

Ethic Etapes Lac de Maine

49 Avenue du lac de Maine (Mapa) - Albergue
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Inter Hotel Les Jardins de I'Anjou

21, Chemin du Vaujou (Mapa) - Albergue