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Lake Toba

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  • Luggage in Airports
    executed in the provincial capital Medan last year. Ms Corby arrived at the complex in central Denpasar ...

  • Typical Visa Question
    ), Makassa (Hassanuddin), Manado (Samratulangi), Medan (Polonia), Padang (Tabing), Pekan Baru (Simpangtiga ...

Medan Blog Entries

  • Medan
    Medan is my idea of what a living hell would be… sewerage with dead cats that if your ...
    Posted in Leigh & Sharnz Travels 2011 by LeighSharn

  • Medan
    Most people just blitzed through Medan. Being Indonesia's third largest city it didnt revel in a good reputation, but then after the Subcontinent it was no great shakes to me. With beer and heat ...
    Posted in Asia Overland 2006-2008 by andyhay

  • Terug in Medan
    Vanmorgen vroeg de terugtocht naar Medan aanvaard. On 6 uur moest de bagage klaarstaan om mee te gaan in het busje. Wij gingen om 7.30 uur met de passagiersboot. Jammer om weg te gaan bij t Tobameer, het was er echt supermooi. Na een tocht van een uur of 5 (over 160 km) langs rubber-, palmolie ...
    Posted in Indonesië Reis by viev

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Sultan homestay

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