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Durham Conversações

  • How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites have you visited?
    Here's mine: Austrailia Blue Mountains Sydney Opera House China Great Wall Summer Palace Czech Republic Historic Centre of Prague Hungary Budapest Ireland Newgrange Russia Centre of St Petersburg Spain Works of Antoni Gaudi - guessing Barcelona UK Durham Castle & Cathedral ...

  • The Uni Set
    Heeelo!! Im in my final year of uni too, woo!! Studying at Durham University in the UK. Not really sure what career path to take so going to work in the area im interested in at the moment, PR, to get some pennies before travelling. Planning to go to Australia and New Zeland end of January next ...

Durham Blog Entries

  • Durham
    Localizada 30 minutos ao sul da cidade de Newcastel Upon Tyne por trem, Durham é uma cidade minúscula, mas com uma história enorme. Suas grandes atrações são o castelo e a catedral. Durham também ...
    Posted in It´s a small world after all by anomura

  • Durham
    of a tasting plate so off we went, headed for Durham some 50 miles up the road. Only a relatively short drive ...
    Posted in NORTHERN EXCURSION by jayar

  • Durham
    Nach einer Erholungspause in Edinburgh bin ich mit dem Bus weiter nach Durham . Der Bus war total schmutzig und hat nach Rauch gestunken. Mir war nicht wohl und uebel... Aber irgendwie habe ichs dann doch geschafft... In Durham selbst bin ich in einer Studentenunterkunft gewesen, wo normalerweise Studenten leben ...
    Posted in Guebi on the road by Guebi

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