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  • let's smoke some grass
    mmmm, i'll be honest with ya mate, i only clicked it open cuz i saw the word "grass". everyone seems realy friendly but then so was Ted Bundy ...

  • is evil
    Ok, Maybe not evil, certainly not Ted Bundy/Jeffery Dahmer evil. More like a little boy burning ants with a magnifying glass, or maybe pulling the legs off spiders, evil. I can see you sitting there, reading this, thinking "Hmm, he certainly has a penchant for hyperbole". But my case, the description ...

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Shivam Tourist Guest House

Shivam Tourist Guest House

Near Suraj Ji Ka Bad Balchand Para (Карта) - Завтрак и ночлег
Annpurna Haveli

Annpurna Haveli

Opposite Nwal Sagar Lake Balchand Para Bundi (Карта) - Завтрак и ночлег