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Cobh Photos

Cobh Cathedral
Cobh cathedral
Cobh front doors

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Cobh Blog Entries

  • Cork
    We did a fair bit of driving around south west Cork, and also went to the exhibition at Cobh (formerly Queenstown) which is where most of the emigrants left from. Also was the last port of call for the Titanic. It was also the port that the survivors of the Lusitania landed after it was sunk off the coast ...
    Posted in midnight sun and more by kazandjim

  • Cobh
    We made a marathon of our last full day in Ireland. After sleeping off the residual effects of jet-lag, we had breakfast in the villa and then hit the road 90km to the Southeast corner of Ireland, starting with the port city of Cobh, the final departure point of the Titanic and the Luisitania. The city ...
    Posted in Ireland by nat-ali

  • The Cove of Cork
    While reading over my past entries I realized that I never spoke about Cobh other than to mention ...
    Posted in Cruising 'round the British Isles by Mireille C

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