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Albany Discussions

  • List of friendliest and unfriendliest cities - CNN
    Here's that list : The world's unfriendliest cities 20. Caracas, Venezuela 19. Bethlehem, Palestine 18. Casablanca, Morocco 17. Wilmington, Delaware 16. Moscow 15. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 14. Shenzhen, China 13. Albany, New York 12. Los Angeles 11. Guangzhou, China 10. Tangier, Morocco 9. Atlantic City ...

Albany Blog Entries

  • Day 3 - Albany
    Port - Albany We caught the free shuttle bus that was provided by the Albany Shire into the town. We had a look around the town and had a coffee. Sites - Went into a lovely little gift shop where we brought some postcards. Did the Albany Heritage Trail Walk. and also went to the Museum. Dinner ...
    Posted in Rhapsody of the seas by nbeltane

  • Day 35 - Saturday 9 June 2012
    of granite rocky outcrops in Albany, and they just build around them. Dog Rock Another rocky outcrop ...
    Posted in Two Aces and the Blue Heeler by TwoAces

  • Day 38 - Tuesday 12 June 2012
    thought was not too bad here in Albany. We have packed everything away in preparation for leaving Abany in the morning, so there is not much more we can do but hope for the best. Ataturk Entrance to Albany's Port Albany's woodchip terminal Albany Convict Gaol The Brig Amity Crew hammocks Di in the hold ...
    Posted in Two Aces and the Blue Heeler by TwoAces

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