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  • Horsham
    We left Melbourne this morning and did our first real leg with the van in tow - about 320k to Horsham. All is going really well and the Ford Ranger (Mule) had no problems towing the Montana at the speed limit/100k. Beautiful in Horsham - but very cold tonight (4 degrees). Off to Tailem Bend tomorrow ...
    Posted in Caravanning around Australia by BillandDi

  • Day 9 - Monday 14 May 2012
    the caravan park at about 10:00 am. The drive was a fairly easy 280 km from Melbourne to Horsham and we gradually left the showers behind us. After an early lunch at Beaufort we arrived at the Horsham Caravan Park at about 2:30 pm. Would you believe it - The Horsham Caravan Park is a Julia Gillard Memorial ...
    Posted in Two Aces and the Blue Heeler by TwoAces

  • Day 41
    decided to head to Horsham a few days back and leave the van there for the next couple of weeks. We have some family commitments that we’ll use it for and the detour to Horsham is only an extra 30 kilometres ...
    Posted in Darwin 2011 by bubblelipsmith

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